If you ever go shopping for diamonds, you may come across the term “CTW,” which stands for “carat total weight.” You will need to know what CTW means and how it is used can help you make a more informed buying decision when you purchase any kind of diamond jewelry. CTW is a measure of the total weight of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring or diamond earrings. In this article, we will explain the importance of CTW, how it is calculated, and how it relates to the quality and value of a diamond. Whether you are buying a diamond online or in a jewelry store or as a gift you will need to understand what CTW means and how to use it to your advantage.

What is CTW?

CTW is a term used to describe the total weight of all the diamonds in a piece of jewelry. One carat equals 0.2 grams. So, for example, if a ring has a CTW of 1.75, that means the total weight of all the diamonds in the ring is 1.75 carats. CTW is often used as a way to quickly compare the size and weight of different diamonds and diamond jewelry.

How is CTW Calculated?

A term used in the diamond industry to refer to the total weight of diamonds in a piece of jewelry is called “CTW” or “Carat Total Weight”. This is usually measured as metric carats (ct), with one carat equaling 0.2 grams. The weight of every diamond added up on a piece of jewelry is equal to the CTW. For example, if a diamond ring contains 20 diamonds that weigh 0.05 carats each, the CTW would be 1.0 carats. CTW is very important factor in determining the value of a diamond piece, as larger diamonds are generally more valuable than smaller ones. However, other factors such as the 4 C’s quality of the diamonds such as the (cut, clarity, color) determine the price of a diamond.


When shopping for diamonds, engagement rings, or jewelry CTW is a very important factor to consider. It is a measurement of the total weight of for all the diamonds in a piece of jewelry and it relates to quality and value. Understanding CTW can help you make an informed decision when purchasing diamonds. While CTW is important, it should be considered in conjunction with other diamond grading systems such as cut, clarity and color, to make the best decision. Contact Diamond Exchange today.

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