One of the main services offered at Diamond Exchange Online is our role as jewelry buyers and diamond buyers. Customers are able to sell their unwanted jewelry online and we are able to pay them cash value via a check or money transfer. We have decades of experience in the purchasing and consignment of very high-end diamond and jewelry items. The information about the types of jewelry that we purchase can be found on our website and customers are welcome to call and discuss the items they are wanting to sell.

Sell Diamonds

The main item that we buy at Diamond Exchange Online is diamonds. The diamonds we purchase can be in the form of loose diamonds or they can be found in jewelry items such as a necklace or an engagement ring. To get started in selling your diamonds is to inquiry online or call to have an evaluation.

Sell Engagement Rings

Did you go through a divorce and now would like to sell your engagement ring for cash? Contact us today to get a FREE estimate on the engagement ring that you have to sell. We will ask you simple questions about your ring such as the metal type and the size and quality of the main diamond.

Sell Jewelry

Diamond Exchange Online is buyers of all type of jewelry. As long as your jewelry is made from gold or platinum. We will evaluate the materials of your jewelry items including diamonds and make you a cash value offer. Simply fill out our contact form to get started.

Sell Gold

Do you have gold jewelry to sell? Diamond Exchange Online will evaluate the jewelry that you have and make you a cash for gold price. We look at the quality of the gold such as 10k, 14, 18k, 22k, etc and pay you the cash price for the gold weight.

Get A Free Estimate Today!

If you have jewelry such as diamonds or an engagement ring to sell then contact the top diamond jewelry buyers in Houston today. Diamond Exchange Online will evaluate your times and give you a FREE verbal appraisal and estimate today. Simply fill out our contact from to get started.

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