Jewelry Consignment
Diamond Exchange Online jewelry consignment program is designed for our customers who want to get maximum value when selling their jewelry. Consignment is an excellent option that helps you get the most cash when selling your diamonds, diamond rings, or jewelry items.

The experts at Diamond Exchange Online has bought and sold 1000’s of jewelry consignment items in the past including engagement rings, estate jewelry, loose diamonds, custom diamond rings, earrings, and more. Jewelry consignment really favors all parties involved including the buyers and the sellers.

How It Works:

At Diamond Exchange Online our jewelry consignment program allows you the opportunity to get maximum cash value when selling your jewelry. Have you ever taken your jewelry around to different places to sell? If not, you might get a shock at what cash offers you get versus the amount that you thought your jewelry was worth. When jewelry buyers buy jewelry their goal is to purchase your jewelry items for the least amount while trying to remain fair. However, that amount that they try to purchase it for might be an utter shock compared to what you might have been expecting. This is the reason that we offer our client the option to sell their jewelry on consignment. Jewelry consignment will get you the most money, however, the downside is that we do not know exactly how much time it might take to sell your jewelry. To get an estimate on what you might be able to sell your jewelry items on consignment with Diamond Exchange Online then simply fill out our form to get started today!

Types Of Items Eligible For Jewelry Consignment

Below is a list of items that we will consider for our consignment program:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Rings
  • Diamond Pendants
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Diamond Necklaces
  • ….and much more!

Shop Our Consignment Jewelry Specials!

Nearly every day Diamond Exchange Online lists new items for sale. Customers are able to shop our website for products that are listed for dramatically less expensive prices than what they were bought for at the original jewelry store. Engagement rings, diamond rings, and other types of diamond jewelry can be refurbished to like-new condition.

Get Started With Exchange Diamonds Today

If selling your jewelry on consignment sounds like a good option for you then simply contact Diamond Exchange Online today by filling out our contact form.

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