Sell Diamond Ring

The Ultimate Guide For Selling Diamond Rings

Sell Diamond Rings

Are you trying to sell a diamond ring? Diamond Exchange Online wants to educate you on the best ways to sell your diamond ring. Dealing with jewelry buyers on different platforms can be challenging. The guided was created the give you the knowledge so you can safely and confidently sell your ring for the most money. The experts at DEO have been buying diamond jewelry and helping customers turn their beloved assets into cash for decades.

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Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring?

Nowadays you have many different options and tools to help you get paid when you want to sell jewelry. A simple Google search will give you plenty of places that will buy your jewelry. The goal of this article is to help you make a good decision that will result in the maximum payout for your diamond ring. Here are some options:

  • Sell To A Local Jewelry Store-  Some local jewelry stores buy diamond rings and some do not buy any jewelry.  The best way to determine what a local jewelry store will pay will be to simply walk in there and tell them you would like to get an offer on your ring.  You will not necessarily need any paperwork to do this option because it is the store’s duty as a diamond jewelry buyer to be able to grade the diamond ring on their own.  It is best to shop around with several local diamond buyers to see who is paying the most.
  • Sell To A Pawn Shop-  When we work with customers we often hear that pawn stores can sometimes get a bad wrap when selling diamond rings and other types of jewelry.  However, like local jewelry stores, each place will have a different amount to offer.  Some pawn stores will offer more than others so it helps to shop around.
  • Sell Yourself On Facebook, Craigslist, etc.- You can list your diamond ring for sale on several different websites and apps yourself.  This is a possibility but selling diamonds and diamond rings is a very tricky industry that requires a lot of trust from all parties involved.  We have all heard bad stories that happened to people who try to sell valuables to complete strangers online.  Most of our clients will trust us to sell their items for them or just sell directly to us.
  • Jewelry Consignment Option-  Some companies including Diamond Exchange Online offer a jewelry consignment program to help sell your diamond ring for a small fee (Usually around 20%).  Jewelry consignment will help customers who want to sell get maximum value, however, there is no exact timeframe for when your item might sell.
  • Sell Diamond Ring Online-  This is a diamond buying option that we offer at Diamond Exchange Online.  Simply fill out our contact form or call us today to get more information.  When you sell your diamond ring online we can give you estimates over the phone then prepaid insured shipping will be arranged.  Once we inspect the diamond ring we will do a direct deposit into your bank account or we can send you a check.

Type Of Diamond Rings That We Buy:

How To Sell A Diamond Ring:

Why Do People Have To Sell Diamond Rings

There can be many reasons that a person might be in the market to sell their diamond ring. The main reason happens to be a divorce.

Process To Sell Diamond Ring

1. Fill The Form

Fill The Form
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2. Send Your Items

Send Your Items
We can provide a free, fully insured FedEx label (Appraisal Kit)

3. Expert Valuation

Expert Valuation
Our experts will perform a comprehensive valuation and contact you with the offer.

4. Accept The Offer

Accept Offer
Send You a Check or Send Your Ring Back for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my diamond ring for the most money?

Everyone would like to sell their diamond ring to get the most cash back in their pocket? It is the consumers job to test the market to see who is willing to pay the most for your diamond ring that day. Diamond prices are changing rapidly on a daily bases so it is best to find someone who is willing to purchase it at a strong price and then move on with your life.

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